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Electrically Operated Fuel Transfer Pumps

Transferring diesel and petrol fluids is made simpler with A-FLO. We offer a comprehensive range of electrically operated diesel and petrol pumps designed to meet your refuelling needs, from 240V to 12V electric fuel pumps. Our electric pumps are designed to provide control, precision and ease when transferring fuel. These fuel transfer pumps are used in various industries such as transportation, mining, agriculture, beverage, and pharmaceutical among others, and provide both high fuel flow and low fuel flow based on the application.
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The Power of 12V Diesel Fuel Transfer Pumps

Electrically operated fuel transfer pumps use electricity to move fluids from bulk containers to their intended destinations. Electric fuel transfer pumps offer several advantages over other types of pumps, making them a preferred choice for many applications.

Driving Brilliance with Electrically Fuelled Transfer Pumps

One of the primary advantages of electrical fuel transfer pumps is their exceptional efficiency. When compared to traditional engine-driven pumps, our 12v diesel fuel pump options are not only energy-efficient but also cost-effective. How does this work? Electricity is more affordable than fuel, making it an economical choice for powering your fuel transfer needs and offering significant cost savings over time. This efficiency ensures that every drop of fuel is transferred with precision and without waste.

Upgrade your system with fluid transfer pumps and air-powered grease pumps for seamless and controlled distribution of fuel. A well-thought-out system will improve operations, reduce wear and tear, and extend equipment lifespan.

Easy-Care: 240, 24 & 12 Volt Electric Diesel Transfer Pumps

Electric fuel transfer pumps also stand out because they require minimal maintenance. Choosing an electric pump affects your operations significantly because compared to engine-driven pumps that often demand regular servicing and downtime, they reduce the time, energy and cost spent on maintenance.

This translates to fewer interruptions in your operations and more productive work hours. With minimal maintenance, you can count on your 12-volt diesel transfer pump to reliably transfer fuel, maintaining the smooth flow of your industrial processes. Add industrial hose reels or a retractable grease hose reel to your setup for an organised setup and workflow.

Hassle-free Electric Fuel Transfer Pumps

Electrically operated pumps are designed to be user-friendly. Having electricity as its power source, operating a diesel electrically-fuelled pump is straightforward and accessible to a wide range of people. Whether you’re a seasoned professional or a newcomer to fluid transfer pumps, you’ll find that our electric options are easy to handle.

The simple wiring required for these pumps also streamlines the installation process. Offering 240, 40 and 12 volts, our diesel transfer pumps will allow you to dedicate time to your operations and less on setup.

Fuel & Diesel Transfer: Electric Fuel Pumps For You

Explore our range of Electrically Operated Diesel & Petrol Pumps to find:

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– When to use Electrically Operated Diesel Pumps?

Electrically Operated Diesel Pumps are pumps that use electricity to generate pressure and move fluids from a container to a destination. These pumps are typically used in environments where compressed air is not available, and a continuous supply of electricity is required.

– What fluids can an Electrically Operated Pump transfer?

Electrically Operated Pumps can be used to transfer a variety of fluids such as diesel, oils, waste oil & coolants. They can transfer fluids of various viscosities at desired flow rates. However please check the specifications of the product before making a decision.

– When not to use Electrically Operated Diesel Pumps?

Electrically Operated Diesel Pumps are not suitable for potentially explosive environments or extreme atmospheres such as highly humid/ rainy conditions.

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