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A-FLO the Leading Provider of Lubrication & Refuelling Equipment Solutions

A-FLO is renowned for providing innovative, economical and reliable solutions to diesel fuel storage for the Australian market. Our extensive range of products have been carefully selected and produced to A-FLO’s strict quality standards to meet and exceed the harsh and demanding conditions in Australia.
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Explore A-FLO’s Range of Products

At A-FLO Equipment, we take pride in offering a comprehensive selection of exceptional products to meet your lubrication and refuelling needs. No matter the industry, be it transport, mining, agriculture, or automotive, our extensive range includes essential equipment to optimise your operations. Here are some of the key products you can explore:

Oil Transfer Pump

Transfer oil efficiently and accurately with our reliable oil transfer pumps, designed to meet industry standards.

Heavy-Duty Hose Reels

Keep your workspace organised and safe with our heavy-duty hose reels, ensuring easy access to fluids and reducing workplace hazards.

Air Powered Grease Pump

Durable and effective, our air-powered grease pumps ensure proper lubrication for your operations.

Grease Reels

Our grease reels provide a convenient and organised solution for grease dispensing in your workshop.

Pump for Diesel Transfer

Streamline fuel distribution with a pump for diesel transfer, offering precise and reliable fuel transfer.

12V Diesel Fuel Pump

For on-the-go or offsite fuelling needs, a 12V diesel fuel pump offers portability and ease of use.

Compressed Air Pipework

Create a streamlined compressed air pipework system with our solutions, designed for optimum performance.

Workshop Benches

Enhance your workspace with our workshop benches, tailored to your specific business needs and desired integrated storage.

Fuel Trailer

Take your fuel wherever you go with a fuel trailer, providing mobility and storage convenience.

Vehicle Service Pit

Ensure safe and productive vehicle maintenance with a vehicle service pit, made for accessibility.

Diesel Tank

Store fuel securely and compliantly with our range of diesel tanks, built to withstand harsh conditions.

Exhaust Extraction System

Maintain a clean and safe workshop environment with an exhaust extraction system, protecting your team’s health.

Fuel Management Systems

Stay in control of your fuel usage with a fuel management system, we offer real-time monitoring and accountability.

Fuel Nozzle

Dispense fuel with precision and control using our reliable fuel nozzles.

AdBlue® Tank

Quality and convenience, ensure your AdBlue® supply is always ready with our AdBlue® tanks.

Mechanical Workshop Equipment

Explore a wide variety of mechanical workshop equipment, including lifts, tools, and accessories, to optimise your workshop’s capabilities.

At A-FLO Equipment, we’re committed to providing you with the best solutions to elevate your operations. Explore our range of products and experience the difference in efficiency, reliability, and performance.
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Trade Specials


Find our latest product specials, applicable from 1st July to 31st August 2024. A-FLO supply the highest quality in equipment and accessories across a multitude of applications.

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    What People Say About Us

    We only trust A-FLO Equipment

    At Go Blue, we manufacture VDA certified AdBlue® and product quality is our priority throughout the supply chain network. Correct AdBlue® equipment is crucial to maintain its purity.
    Ensuring our customers​ are in the right hands, we only trust A-FLO Equipment to guide them with the most appropriate solution. A-FLO Equipment have always delivered a reliable product and service and we are pleased to associate ourselves alongside this solid Australian business.

    High Quality Products

    I have always found A-FLO Equipment’s products to be of high quality; they are my number one supplier of choice on equipment.. I use Dean and the team because I trust them in looking after my customers the same way that I would; with respect and excellent customer service. The pre and after sales service A-FLO Equipment provide is, in my opinion, the best in the business!

    A-FLO Equipment put Independent Oils to the forefront of our customers’ minds

    Independent Oils has been dealing with A-FLO Equipment for over six years. We find the sales team very helpful and easy to deal with. The company’s product range is diverse which is beneficial to us with our varied customer base, and they are proactive in continually adding new products. Regular promotional flyers are popular with our reps and customers alike, and have helped put Independent Oils to the forefront of our customers’ minds when needing new equipment. I would have no hesitation in recommending A-FLO Equipment for your equipment needs.

    Contact Us For A Free Site Survey

    Our trusted team of advisers can also visit your site and provide a no cost audit of your Lubricant or Fuel storage along with an obligation free quote. To ensure your site is compliant, Contact our expert team today on 1300 235 623 to discuss your diesel fuel storage requirements or arrange a site visit …Make every drop count with A-FLO!

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