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The FluidTrack Pay App is the next step in providing your customers with a quick and easy refuelling experience. It provides an easy way. To store and view data in one place and on the go!

Advantages of the FLUIDTRACK Pay App –

  • Information in one place – Customers can record and manage fuel usage for all their vehicles in one place and can view it at any time and anywhere using the app.
  • Data Capture – All the data is captured in real-time, making it easier for accounting and control of both, small and large fleets.
  • Ease of use for customers – Card details can be stored in the app so refuelling is made faster and simpler for your customers.
  • Less maintenance of hardware – With customers using the mobile app, maintenance on hardware (such as receipt printer, pin-pad and card reader) will be required less.
  • Lower consumables cost – Receipt printer paper needed less as more customers use the app. Receipts are stored in the app and can be emailed to the customer as needed. Less wear and tear on account cards as these details can be stored in the app.


  • Sites must have reliable mobile phone coverage

About FluidTrack Fuel Management Systems

Fluidtrack is the most robust, easy to use and easy to setup fuel management system on the market.

Fluidtrack continuously checks the system with backup power installed inside the unit itself, you will never lose data during a power outage!

  • Data is recovered instantly via the free online website
  • Control up to 4 fuel/oil dispensers
  • Records the past 5,000 fuel issues in memory
  • Large use to read, colour LCD display
  • Configure and continuously monitor via the website
  • Modular design allows for quick installation and repair
  • Suits most fuel bowsers and bulk-flow meters
Fluidtrack Pay
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