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RAASM 40:1 Ratio High Volume Grease Pumps

SKU: RA-11*F/401

The RAASM 40:1 Ratio Grease Pumps are flanged industrial pumps built to dispense high viscosity fluids such as grease and oils. The high quality components ensure lasting and reliable operation even in the most extreme conditions.


  • Compression Ratio: 40:1
  • Flow Rate: 10 kg/min
  • Air Cylinder Diameter: 115mm
  • Air Consumption: 2800 LPM (98.8 cfm) at 116psi
  • Air Inlet Connection:  1/2” (f)
  • Fluid Outlet Connection:  1/2” (f)
  • Suction Tube Length: 940mm
  • Suction Tube Diameter: 50.8mm
  • Industries: Mining, Shipping, and Manufacturing



40:1 Ratio High Volume Grease Pump -180Kg (RA-116F/401)
40:1 Ratio High Volume Grease Stub Pump (RA-118F/401)

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