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FUELTAINER Self Bunded Bulk Diesel Storage Tanks

FUELTAINER Self Bunded Bulk Diesel Storage Tanks

The new addition to our self bunded tanks have arrived!

Introducing A-FLO'S FUELTAINER, the new self bunded diesel static storage solution. If you haven’t heard of the FUELTAINER brand before, you will now as its becoming increasingly popular as the market leading storage tank.

If you want to be at the forefront of the refuelling industry with the best storage and fluid management technology, then you need to call our team today on 1300 235 623 to discuss how we can help you not only improve your efficiencies but save you with your bulk fuel and AdBlue deliveries.

  • Self bunded diesel static storage tank specifically designed to handle larger fuel storage requirements
  • We also offer the popular combo of diesel and AdBlue integrated into the one system
  • Minimal installation costs and low maintenance saves you time and money
  • Secure lockable pump bay
  • All tanks have rounded corners on roof to provide extra strength in the construction but more importantly   does not allow debris or water pooling in the corners
  • Floor drains to low point at front of the tank for water removal
  • Can be transported by standard trucks, trains or container handling equipment without cranes
  • All tanks are ISO standard shipping container design (10’, 20’, 40’ & 48’) and are built in accordance with all Australian Standards including AS1940, AS1692, AS1657 & UL Approvals
  • Ideally suited for use in industries such as fuel distribution, power generation, military transport, aviation & construction

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