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Hand Operated Oil Pumps 

Our range of Hand Operated Oil Pumps will meet and exceed the expectations of all industries. A-FLO’s products incorporate unique features which give our customers total satisfaction providing ultimate protection for their machinery.

Economic Oil Transfer Hand Pumps

Compared to other pumps, an Oil Hand Pump is best suitable for use in transferring lubricants from a large oil container to a smaller-sized tank or vessel. Our range of Hand Operated Oil Pumps is user-friendly and easy to handle and can be used to transfer different lubricants such as oil, diesel, petrol, greases, etc.

Reach out to our friendly expert team to assist in selecting the correct Oil Hand Pump for your application to ensure you get it right the first time. Our team can be contacted on 03 9281 6200 or email

Explore our range of Hand Operated Oil Pumps to find –
Oil Sampling Pumps: Aluminium & Plastic
EZI Action Drum Pumps
High Flow Rotary Drum Pumps
ULTRAFLO 20L Gear Oil Pump
ULTRAFLO Heavy Duty Rotary Drum Pumps
ULTRAFLO Hand Operated Oil Pumps
ULTRAFLO Lever Action Oil Drum Pumps
ULTRAFLO Spring Operated Oil Pumps
ULTRAFLO Standard Rotary Drum Pumps
Additional EZI Action Pump Accessories available: Adaptors & Safety Straps

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