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Service Pits

As vehicle maintenance is essential in various industries, having the right infrastructure is significant as it can impact the effectiveness of your operations. At A-FLO, we offer a comprehensive solution to all your service pit requirements, ensuring that it complies with standards and adds value to your workshop.
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Engineered Solutions: Why Service Pits Matter

Service pits are specialised areas within your workshop designed for vehicle servicing, inspection, and maintenance. A vehicle service pit offers a range of benefits:

  • Accessibility: A vehicle service pit allows easy access to the underside of vehicles, making it simpler for technicians to perform tasks such as oil changes, brake inspections, and suspension repairs. They also provide unrestricted access to every part of the vehicle.
  • Safety: There is no doubt that safety is cardinal in any workshop. Service pits are equipped with safety features such as guardrails and non-slip surfaces, ensuring a secure working environment for technicians. With a heavy vehicle service pit, you can confidently service large vehicles without compromising safety. You can also incorporate heavy-duty hose reels into your system for added safety.
  • Versatility: Service pits are versatile and can accommodate various types of vehicles, from cars and trucks to buses and heavy-duty equipment. This adaptability makes them an ideal choice for workshops catering to a variety of clients.
  • Time Efficiency: Service pits streamline the maintenance process. They reduce the time needed to access vehicle components. Dispensing time and energy wisely results in quicker turnaround times, allowing you to serve more customers effectively.

Service Pits We Offer

At A-FLO, we understand that every workshop needs a different solution. That’s why we offer a vast option of service pits designed to meet your specific requirements:

  • Suspended Ceiling Pits: These vehicle service pits are designed for flexibility, allowing you to create a customised workspace. The suspended ceiling design maximises workspace height and offers excellent access to the vehicle’s undercarriage.
  • Pre-Fabricated Steel Pits: If you prefer a robust and ready-to-use solution, our pre-fabricated steel service pits are an excellent choice. These pits are built to last and offer durability for heavy use.
  • Workshop Pit Upgrades: Already have service pits but need an upgrade? We’ve got you covered. Our team of experts can enhance your existing infrastructure, bringing it up to modern standards.
  • Pit Lighting & Ventilation: Proper lighting and ventilation are essential for a safe and comfortable working environment. We provide solutions to ensure your service pits are well-lit and properly ventilated.

Service Pits: Adding Value to Your Workshop

Service pits are an investment in the efficiency, safety, and versatility of your workshop. Whether your focus is on servicing cars, trucks, or heavy vehicles, having the right infrastructure in place is absolutely crucial. At A-FLO, we recognise the significance of streamlined vehicle maintenance, and our range of service pits is thoughtfully designed to help you achieve just that.

Create a comprehensive workshop set up with a strategic combination of important components:

  • Pump for Diesel Transfer: If you’re dealing with diesel-powered vehicles or machinery in your workshop, having the right pump for diesel transfer is a need. Our pumps simplify the process of refuelling vehicles and equipment, designed for reliability and precision.
  • Grease Reels: These reels are designed to efficiently dispense grease to lubrication points, ensuring that your equipment remains in top working condition. Having a dedicated system for grease dispensing reduces the risk of contamination and ensures consistent lubrication.

Explore A-FLO’s comprehensive range of service pits and associated equipment, and elevate the performance of your workshop today.
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