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Waste Oil Tanks

A-FLO’s Heavy Duty Bulk New Oil Tanks & Waste Oil Tanks provide an excellent solution to replace drums or IBCs and bring a professional and clean look to your workshop. Whether It be for New Oil, Coolant, or Waste Oil we can customise dimensions to suit your space.

Our Oil Tanks are completely customisable, giving you the flexibility to specify where you want equipment located, the colour of the tank, and additional add ons.

Oil Tank Customisations: 

  • Customisable Waste Box Location (left front, middle front, right front)
  • Add Filter Drain Box and choose location (left front, middle front, right front)
  • Add Side Step and choose location
  • Customise dimensions
  • Powder Coating colour


Waste Oil Tanks for Efficient Management

Managing waste oil efficiently is crucial in industries where lubrication and refuelling are daily tasks. Ensuring safe, efficient, and compliant waste oil storage is where A-FLO’s solutions come into play. Our range of waste oil containers are designed to meet your specific needs across sectors like agriculture, automotive and earthmoving so you can manage waste oil safely and comply with environmental regulations.
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Waste Oil Tanks Tailored to Your Needs

A-FLO understands that each business has distinct requirements for workshop equipment and waste oil management. We offer customisable waste oil tanks and containers tailored to your specific space and operational needs. Whether you’re dealing with new oil, coolant, or waste oil, our solutions provide your workshop with a professional and clean appearance, replacing outdated drums or IBCs.

If your work includes refuelling service vehicles, we recommend exploring our diesel fuel tanks for sale to secure your fuel supply for seamless fuel management.

Solve Challenges with Innovative Waste Oil Containers

Our waste oil storage solutions address several challenges faced by corporations and businesses:

  • Space Efficiency: Custom dimensions and equipment placement options ensure that our waste oil tanks fit perfectly in your available space.
  • Environmental Compliance: Secure storage minimises the risk of leaks and spills, helping your business comply with environmental regulations.
  • Operational Streamlining: Replacing multiple storage containers with a single, larger tank reduces clutter and simplifies waste oil management processes.

Explore our extensive range of waste oil storage containers and AdBlue® tanks for practical fluid storage.

Why Choose A-FLO’s Waste Oil Tanks?

Choose A-FLO’s waste oil storage container offers several advantages:

  • Customisation: From the waste box location to the colour of the powder coating, you have the power to design a tank that fits your exact specifications. For operational convenience, decide where you want specific features, such as the waste box or filter drain box.
  • Quality and Durability: Our waste oil storage tanks are built to last for long-term reliability and safety.
  • Add-Ons for Efficiency: Opt for additional features like side steps for easy access, enhancing the functionality of your waste oil storage solution.
  • Expert Support: Our committed team of experts is ready to assist you in choosing the suitable waste oil container, ensuring you get the most effective solution for your business.

Build a Functional System Around Your Waste Oil Tank

Integrating A-FLO’s waste oil storage tanks into your workshop setup enhances not just your waste oil management but also the overall efficiency and compliance of your operations. Improve your vehicle service pit workflow with waste oil containers to facilitate easier access for maintenance and oil changes.

You can complement this setup with compressed air pipe and fittings so all your pneumatic tools operate at peak efficiency, streamlining the service process further. When you have a system that works for your business, you can boost productivity, ensure environmental compliance, and elevate the overall functionality of your workshop.

Upgrade Your Waste Oil Container Today

Create a waste management that works for your business with A-FLO. Our passionate team is ready to provide tailored advice and solutions that bring efficiency, compliance, and professionalism to your workshop. Visit our website or give us a call, and take the first step towards optimising your waste oil management with A-FLO.
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