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Why A-FLO’s Oil Transfer Pumps Stand Out

A-FLO is committed to delivering top-tier fluid transfer solutions. Our oil transfer pumps reflect this commitment:

  • Operational Excellence: Our fluid transfer pumps facilitate quick and consistent oil transfers, reducing downtime.
  • Safety Prioritised: Our designs reduce the risk of oil spillage, ensuring a safer workspace.
  • Robust Design: Crafted for longevity, these oil transfer pumps promise a long service life without skimping on efficiency.

Enhance your workflow with our heavy duty hose reels.

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Selecting the Ideal Oil Transfer Pump

Choosing the right fluid transfer pump involves:

  • Volume: Assess the fluid volume to transfer, guiding the choice between standard or high flow pumps.
  • Fluid Type: While oil is a primary fluid, some pumps handle different fluids. Ensure compatibility.
  • Usage: For frequent oil transfers, opt for highly durable pumps.

Our range of grease reels offers efficient lubrication storage solutions.

Reach out to our friendly expert team to assist in selecting the correct Oil Pump for your application to ensure you get it right the first time. Our team can be contacted on 03 9281 6200 or

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