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Fuel Nozzles and Accessories for Effective Refuelling

Refuelling is an easy and simple process when you have the right equipment. At A-FLO, we understand the importance of dependable and efficient diesel fuel nozzles and accessories for your refuelling needs. Our wide range of fuel nozzles and accessories are designed to meet the demands of various industries, providing you with the tools you need to streamline your refuelling processes.
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Fuel Nozzles for Diesel: Reliable and Precise

Our selection of fuel nozzles for diesel is built to last and ensure precise fuel delivery. Regardless if you’re refuelling heavy vehicles, machinery, or equipment, our diesel fuel nozzles are up to the task. With features like automatic shut-off and durable construction, you can trust these nozzles for efficient and safe refuelling.

Diesel Nozzles with High-Flow Capabilities

In today’s fast-paced industrial landscape, efficiency is paramount, and time is indeed money. That’s where our diesel nozzles with high-flow capabilities shine, offering a solution that can significantly impact productivity. These high-flow diesel nozzles are specially designed to handle substantial flow rates, making them the perfect choice for refuelling large vehicles and equipment quickly and efficiently.

  • Need & Importance: In industries such as construction, mining, agriculture, and transportation, large vehicles and heavy machinery are used often. With a significant demand for fuel to keep running, time spent on refuelling can add up. That’s where our high-flow diesel nozzles prove their worth.
  • Efficient Refuelling: Large vehicles, such as trucks, bulldozers, and excavators, often come with sizable fuel tanks. Traditional nozzles with standard flow rates can result in lengthy refuelling sessions, leading to unnecessary downtime. Our high-flow diesel nozzles significantly reduce refuelling times, allowing these workhorses to get back to the job faster.
  • Increased Productivity: Reducing downtime not only saves time but also translates to increased productivity. With high-flow diesel nozzles, operators can refuel their vehicles and equipment swiftly and get them back into action. This enhanced efficiency can have a substantial positive impact on overall project timelines and cost-effectiveness.

Fuel Nozzle Accessories for Added Convenience

To complement our diesel fuel nozzles, we offer a range of accessories that enhance the refuelling experience. From swivels that allow for better movement to breakaway couplers for added safety, our accessories are designed to make refuelling hassle-free and effective. 

Explore our range of diesel fuel tanks for sale and AdBlue® tanks for fuel storage purposes.

Why Choose Us for Your Fuel Nozzles and Accessories?

  • Quality & Durability: Our diesel fuel nozzles and accessories are built to withstand the rigours of industrial use. We understand that durability is paramount, and that’s why we only offer excellent products that you can rely on, day in and day out.
  • Expert Support & Guidance: Not sure which fuel nozzle or accessory is right for your specific application? Our expert team is here to help. With over 30 years of experience, we can provide guidance and recommendations to ensure you get the equipment that best suits your needs.
  • Comprehensive Workshop Solutions: At A-FLO, we offer more than just diesel fuel nozzles and accessories. We provide comprehensive workshop solutions, including systems designed for heavy vehicle service pits and more. Our goal is to be your one-stop shop for all your workshop equipment needs.

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Call our expert team on 03 9281 6200 or email to discuss your refuelling application and get the right nozzle gun for your needs.

Explore our range of Fuel Nozzles & Accessories to find –
Fuelshot Fuel Nozzles: 1 1/4″ Bulk Diesel Fuel Nozzle , 1 1/2″ Bulk Diesel Fuel Nozzle , Manual Fuel Nozzle , Slimline Automatic Nozzle , Standard Automatic Nozzle , High Flow Truck Stop Nozzle , Premium High Flow Truck Stop Nozzle & Premium Slimline Automatic Nozzle
Couplings: Break Away Couplings
Swivels: Single Plane Fuel Nozzle Swivels & Dual Plane Fuel Nozzle Swivels
Breaks: Safe Breaks

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– What is a Fuel Nozzle?

Fuel nozzles are the final component in the fuel dispensing system. They can be used to activate and control the flow and delivery of fuel/ oil from one source to another. Often produced in both automatic and manual formats, fuel nozzles are commonly equipped with a variety of features such as breakaway valves, automatic dispensing, dual-plane designs, etc.

– How does an Automatic Fuel Nozzle Work?

Automatic fuel nozzles offer a convenient, & arguably safer alternative to traditional manual fuel nozzles. Also known as auto shut-off nozzles, automatic nozzles will restrict or stop the flow of fuel or oil when the tank being filled reaches full capacity, preventing fuel loss and overflow.

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