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Diesel Filtration

The primary purpose of a Diesel Fuel Filter is to ensure your fuel is clean before entering your equipment or vehicles. Contaminated diesel can cause equipment downtime and costly repairs. One of the most common sources of contaminants is the diesel storage tank. A-FLO Equipment supplies a range of bulk fuel filters and tank kits that incorporates modern filtration and moisture removal technologies to help deliver cleaner fuel to your equipment.

Explore our range of Diesel Filtration Equipment to find –
Farm Tank Filtration
GUARDIAN Air Sentry Dessicant Series Breather
T.R.A.P. Breathers for Diesel
ULTRAFLO Bulk Filtration Kit
ULTRAFLO Filter Heads
ULTRAFLO Fuel Filters

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– What does a Fuel Filter do?

In simpler terms, a Fuel Filter keeps fuel running smoothly in the engine. Not only does it help increase power & mileage, but also helps keep other engine components safe from dirt & grit, thereby increasing the life of your entire engine system.

Fuel Filters are a vital component of the engine system as they help create a fine spray of fuel that burns completely, instead of a stream that doesn’t ignite fully and clogs other parts of the engine.

– My Fuel Filters plug quite frequently. What should I do? 

A plugged filter has done its job.  Rapid filter plugging is an indication that there is a problem with the fuel, not the filter. The key to resolving rapid plugging issues is to determine how filterable solids are getting into or forming inside your fuel tank, and then fixing the root cause. Sometimes, the best option can be to replace the filter with a higher efficiency one i.e. switching to a 1 or 2 micron fuel filter.

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