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Precision with an Automatic Tank Gauging System

Managing fuel efficiently is core to operations that run smoothly. This is where having an automatic tank gauging system in place stands out as it plays an essential role. At A-FLO, we offer a range of automatic tank gauging solutions that provide real-time data on fuel levels, enabling you to make informed decisions about fuel dispensing and management.
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What is Automatic Tank Gauging?

An automatic tank gauging system, often referred to as ATG, is a technological marvel that simplifies the monitoring of fuel levels in storage tanks. Whether you are in the transport, mining, or agriculture industry, accurate and up-to-date information about your fuel reserves is invaluable. The ATG or automatic tank gauging system eases an operator’s task, and with the latest technology, it provides accessible information such as temperature and volume.

For businesses looking to expand or upgrade their fuel storage capacity, A-FLO offers a range of diesel fuel tanks for sale. These tanks are designed to meet the highest standards of quality and durability.

Highlights of Our Automatic Tank Gauging System

Our automatic tank gauging system offers various features and benefits that cater to the diverse needs of your business and industry.

  • Accurate Fuel Level Monitoring: Our automatic tank gauging system provides precise measurements of fuel levels. Say goodbye to guesswork and hello to accurate data.
  • Real-Time Data Access: With A-FLO’s automatic tank gauge, you can access real-time fuel level data. This means you can monitor fuel levels as they change and react promptly to any fluctuations.
  • Enhanced Accountability: Accountability is crucial when it comes to fuel management. Our ATG systems help prevent fuel theft and identify any inconsistencies in fuel consumption.
  • Cost Savings:Automatic tank gauging also optimises fuel usage and reduces wastage, contributing to significant cost savings for your business.
  • Seamless Integration: A-FLO’s ATG systems seamlessly integrate with other essential components of fuel management, such as the pump for diesel transfer. A reliable diesel transfer pump is key for efficient fuel distribution. Our automatic tank gauge systems work in tandem with these pumps to ensure that fuel is dispensed accurately and safely.

Accurate Fuelling within an Automatic Tank Gauging System

Refuelling is an important component within many industries as it ensures constant supply and prevents unnecessary downtime. Along with the ATG (automatic tank gauging) system, there are other elements in this process.

  • ATG: The heart of the system, the automatic tank gauge, is responsible for measuring the fuel level within the storage tank. It uses advanced technology to provide precise and continuous readings.
  • Fuel Tracking System: The fuel tracking system records and stores data related to fuel consumption and transactions. This data is crucial for keeping track of and monitoring the amount of fuel used and time of usage.
  • Fuel Nozzle: The fuel nozzle plays a fundamental role in the fueling process. It is responsible for delivering the fuel from the storage tank to the vehicle or machinery. A-FLO’s automatic tank gauging system ensures effective precision.

Optimise Your Fuel Management with A-FLO

A-FLO’s automatic tank gauging systems are your partners in great fuel management. Our ATG systems empower your business to operate with precision and cost-effectiveness. Take the first step towards enhancing your fuel management practices.
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– What is an Automatic Tank Gauge?

An automatic tank gauge (ATG) is an electronic device, whose basic function is to monitor the fuel level in the tank over a period of time to see if the tank is leaking. It can also tell the facility operator what is going on inside the tank (example: fuel level, volume and temperature, water level and volume, high and low fuel level warnings).

– What are the other important features of Automatic Tank Gauging System?

1. Delivery Reports: When a delivery occurs, the ATG automatically notes when the fuel level in a tank starts to rise and when it stops rising. The ATG then calculates the difference in volume and prints a report that gives the volume of fuel delivered.
2. Gross versus Net Volume. Gasoline changes volume quite dramatically with temperature. For example, 10,000 gallons of gasoline will change in volume by 7 gallons with a temperature change of 1°F. The gross volume is the actual volume of fuel at whatever temperature it happens to be. The net volume is the amount of fuel that WOULD be in the tank IF the temperature of the fuel were 60° F. The gross volume is the number to use for inventory control purposes.
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