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ULTRAFLO C2020 Digital Tank Level Gauge


The ULTRAFLO Digital Tank Level Gauge is A-FLO Equipment’s most recent innovative system for monitoring the fluid level inside tanks. These Digital Tank Level Gauges have an accuracy of up to +/- 1% of the tank capacity and have the ability to provide users with a continuous readout in Litres and Percentages.


  • Suitable with Diesel, Biodiesel up to B100, AdBlue, and Antifreeze
  • Accuracy +/- 1% of tank capacity
  • Suits tanks 0.3m – 5m high, probe cable can be extended to 100m
  • Electronic display with back-light turns off after 1 hour
  • Gives continuous readout in L and %
  • Weatherproof to IP65
  • 1 Gauge required per tank
  • Power supply can be 230V, 110V or 24VDC
  • Can connect to a BMS via 4-20 ma output
  • Tank probes are electronic pressure sensors with a 1” BSPT fitting



Tank Gauge Kit 0.3m – 3m with High/Low Level Alarm (HFE-TGE-C2020-A)
Junction box kit IP65 with two cable glands and a vent plug assembly (HFE-BOX-KIT)

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Digital Tank Level Gauge
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