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FUELMASTER 1550L Poly Diesel Tank


The FUELMASTER 1550L Poly Diesel Tank is built to provide secure storage, efficient dispensing, and protection for diesel.

  • 240V 72 L/min Pump or 12V 50 L/min Pump
  • Cutting-edge digital flowmeter
  • Motion sensor light for added convenience

Explore the FUELMASTER 1550L Poly Diesel Tank Advanced Features:

  • Bunded Construction: Environmentally conscious design to protect against spills.
  • Digital Flow Meter: Precise measurements for effective fuel management.
  • 10-Micron Particle & Water Filter: Ensures clean, high-quality fuel.
  • Motion Sensor Light: Enhanced convenience and safety in low-light conditions.
  • Lockable Doors: Added security for your valuable fuel resources.
  • 6m Hose with Automatic Nozzle & Nozzle Holder: Streamlined fuel handling.

Other information about the FUELMASTER 1550L Poly Diesel Tank :

  • Capacity: 1550L
  • 2” Camlock
  • Spillstop Mechanical Overfill Protection


Ready to upgrade your fuel storage solution? Contact us today to learn more about the FUELMASTER 1550L Poly Diesel Tank and how it can meet your specific requirements. Ensure reliable fuel storage for your business with this high-quality tank.

Are you looking for a more compact version of the FUELMASTER 1550L Poly Diesel Tank? Explore the details of the smaller alternative, the FUELMASTER 900L Poly Diesel Tank, here.

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