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LUBESTORE – Lubricant Storage and Dispensing Systems


LUBESTORE Lubricant Storage and Dispensing Systems

LUBESTORE – Relocatable Lubricant Storage and Dispensing Systems Container Modules

LubeStore container modules are custom-built models that suit your exact requirements in lubricant storage and dispensing system, and they are the ultimate solution for efficient, contamination-free, safe, secure, portable, and easy-to-use lubrication storage and dispensing system. With its state-of-the-art design, the LubeStore container module is made to serve a wide range of industries including mining, construction, defence, and earthmoving.

Why should you consider LubeStore for lubricant storage and dispensing?

Custom-built: LubeStore container modules are built on a custom basis to suit your exact requirements in lubricant storage and dispensing requirements, and they are ready to use.

Safe and secure: The self-bunded LubeStore container modules ensure your peace of mind by offering a secure lubrication environment.

Well suited for remote work sites: LubeStore, the ideal lubricant storage and dispensing system, is specifically designed to meet the unique challenges of operating in remote environments.

Fully compliant with relevant Australian standards (AS 1940-2004): LubeStore, the trusted fuel dispensing system, is fully bunded, exceeds industry regulations, and guarantees compliance with AS 1940-2004.

Remote site shutdown and machinery system support: LubeStore, the advanced lubricant storage and dispensing system, enables convenient management of operations from a centralized location.

Ventilation incorporated according to AS 1940-2004 requirements for storing combustible liquids: LubeStore, the reliable lubricant storage and dispensing unit, ensures a safe and controlled environment by adhering to AS 1940-2004 regulations for storing combustible liquids.

Engineer-certified designs, suitable for cyclone areas: LubeStore, the durable lubricant storage and dispensing systems, features engineer-certified designs that are specifically engineered to withstand cyclones, extreme dust and dirt, heavy rain, and severe weather conditions.

Contact us today to experience the excellence of LubeStore, the leading lubricant storage and dispensing system that combines safety, efficiency, and compliance to elevate your lubrication processes.

Features & Benefits of LubeStore Lubricant Storage and Dispensing Systems:

  • Purpose-built from all-new prime Australian materials
  • Certified lifting lugs for portability
  • Certified lashing points for security
  • State-of-the-art, long-term protective 2-pack coating system for the harsh outdoor environment
  • All equipment is mounted safely and securely – with ease of access for maintenance.
  • High-quality equipment
  • Ventilation is incorporated according to AS1940-2004 requirements for storing combustible liquids.
  • All airflow into the storage and dispensing unit is rated to G2 as per AS1324.1
  • Built-in filtration system for incoming air supply
  • Heavy-duty bi-fold doors which fold back 270 degrees for safe and easy access by forklifts.

The Advantages of LubeStore:

  • Fully compliant with relevant Australian standards (As 1940-2004)
  • Designed to improve your product access and handling efficiency – all purposes are individually accessible from outside the store.
  • Not classified as a human-occupied room – OH&S-friendly design
  • Brilliant efficiency in the use of available space and storage capacity
  • Engineer-certified designs suitable for cyclone areas
  • Proven long-term performance in many applications – fully functional even after >10 years, virtually maintenance-free.
  • Excellent resale value when needed.

 The LubeStore are designed to reduce:

  • Wastage of lubricants
  • Contamination risks
  • Inventory shrinkage or loss
  • Spillage that may have an environmental impact.
  • Fire hazards surrounding chemicals and combustible liquids.
  • Downtime or interruption
  • Operating costs and protect asset investment.

The LubeStore are engineered to increase:

  • Efficiency by integrating maintenance systems.
  • Machinery life cycle through the ideal storage of quality lubricants
  • Productivity to higher levels
  • Performance of your machinery and equipment
  • The overall safety on the Site
  • Utilisation and efficiency in machinery maintenance

Serviceability of LubeStore Lubricant Storage and Dispensing Systems:

  • The equipment used in the LubeStore dispensing stations is standard equipment, easily accessible with operating longevity in mind.
  • The pumps are mounted in the walkthrough area to quickly resolve any mechanical issues.
  • Hose reels are easily serviced and can be dismounted from the dispensing module.
  • All filters, inline and ventilation, can be easily replaced as they have been installed with quick-release fittings.
  • Designed for safety and convenience with swing-out doors and non-slip flooring.
  • Installed with ecosystem bund drains for drainage and to prevent environmental impact.


  • LubeStore container modules for lubrication storage and dispensing systems are manufactured to last long.
  • The LubeStore modules are fabricated and assembled to withstand the harshest environments. Ideal for remote and arid areas, to withstand the harshest temperatures.
  • The LubeStore system has been designed and manufactured to perform day-in day-out.
  • Built from the strongest materials and mechanisms, the LubeStore will withstand the most demanding schedules providing outstanding performance.
  • Fabricated by certified welders and finished with highly durable paint and heavy-duty components, the LubeStore delivers on every level.
  • With features such as a cambered roof, bolt-down feet, and lashing points these units can never be compromised, from torrential rain to cyclonic weather conditions.

Safety Features of the LubeStore Lubricant Storage and Dispensing Systems:

  • Minimises forklift traffic.
  • No risk of equipment blowouts with the inclusion of pressure relief systems
  • Delivers storage facilities that contain and segregate combustible liquids, reducing fire risk and other hazards.
  • Installed with FRP non-slip flooring.
  • Signage supplied according to AS1940-2004

Safe operation

  • Ergonomic – loading and unloading, pulling out hose reels, replacing filters and maintaining equipment.

Site Preparation

  • Engineered as a fully portable servicing station, the LubeStore unit requires minimal site preparation.
  • The container modules can be used on hard and level surfaces.
  • Concrete footings are recommended in cyclone-prone regions.

Are you looking for a lubricant storage and dispensing system that is specially built for you?

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