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Single Skin Workshop Bench Tanks

SKU: NO-***0BT-S

A-FLO’s heavy-duty Single Skin Workshop Bench Tanks provide an excellent solution where space is critical and bench space is premium. Whether it be for new or waste oil applications, these custom-built bench tanks offer versatility and efficiency in your workshop.


  • Gal bench top for longevity
  • Tank fitted with Fill Point, Breathers & Dipstick
  • Forkliftable tanks
  • Optional: Hose Reel Post & Waste Oil Drain Point



500L Single Skin Bench Tank (NO-500BT-S)
1000L Single Skin Bench Tank (NO-1000BT-S)
1500L Single Skin Bench Tank (NO-1500BT-S)
2000L Single Skin Bench Tank (NO-2000BT-S)

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