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Self Bunded Workshop Bench Tanks


A-FLO’s Heavy Duty Self Bunded Workshop Bench Tanks provide an excellent solution where space is critical and bench space is premium. Whether it be for new or waste oil applications, these custom-built bench tanks offer versatility and efficiency in your workshop.


  • Gal bench top for longevity
  • Tank fitted with Fill Point, Breathers & Dipstick
  • Forkliftable tanks
  • Optional: Hose Reel Post & Waste Oil Drain Point
  • For Bulk Oil Storage or Waste Oil applications


500L Self Bunded Bench Tank (NO-500BT-SB)
1000L Self Bunded Bench Tank (NO-1000BT-SB)
1500L Self Bunded Bench Tank (NO-1500BT-SB)
2000L Self Bunded Bench Tank (NO-2000BT-SB)

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