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LOXEAL 86-55 Slow Cure Sealant

SKU: LX86-55 250

LOXEAL 86-55 Slow Cure Sealant is a high-strength anaerobic adhesive for locking and sealing thread connections and fitted parts. Its high viscosity and thixotropic effect allow larger tolerances. It is highly resistant to heat, corrosion, vibrations, water, gases, oils, hydrocarbons, and many chemicals.


Composition: Anaerobic methacrylate
Colour: Red
Fluorescence: Under blue light
Viscosity (+25°C – mPa s): 5.000 – 8.000
Specific weight (+25°C – g/ml): 1,1
Max diameter of thread/ gap filling: 2” /0,30 mm
Flash point: > +100°C
Shelf life +25°C: 1 year in original unopened packaging


LOXEAL 86-55 Slow Cure Sealant 250ml (LX86-55 250)

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Slow Cure Sealant - Adhesive
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