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LOXEAL 58-14 Liquid Gasketing Adhesive

SKU: LX58-31***

LOXEAL 58-14 Liquid Gasketing 100ml is an anaerobic curing adhesive for the gasketing and sealing of flanges. It replaces solid gaskets and gives flexible cured films. It is used to seal against gases, water, LPG, hydrocarbons, oils, and other chemicals.



Composition: Anaerobic methacrylate
Colour: Orange
Viscosity (+25°C – mPa s): 28.000 – 100.000 high thixotropic
Specific weight (+25°C – g/ml): ab. 1,1
Gap filling: 0,50 mm
Flash point: > +100°C
Shelf life +25°C: 1 year in original unopened packaging


LOXEAL Liquid Gasket 75ml (LX58-31 75)
LOXEAL Liquid Gasket 300ml (LX58-31 300)

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