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Oil Safe® Oil Drums

SKU: OS-1010**

Oil Safe Oil Drums are premium quality see-through Oil Drums for safe storage and dispensing of oils. All Oil Safe lids fit the Oil Safe Oil Drum. Oil Safe Oil Drums have graduated markings in both litres and US quarts, making them easy to read and understand. Moreover, every oil-safe lid fits onto every oil drum!


  • Every Oil Safe® lid fits any Oil Safe® drum
  • See-through Oil Drums with fully graduated markings in both litre and US quarts make it easy to see & measure levels
  • Fully interchangeable with lids and have an extra wide neck opening for rapid pouring & easy cleaning
  • Extra wide neck opening for rapid pouring and easy cleaning.
  • Made with heat-resistant materials with UV additives 



Oil Safe® Drum – 2L (OS-101002)
Oil Safe® Drum – 3L (OS-101003)
Oil Safe® Drum – 5L (OS-101005)
Oil Safe® Drum – 10L (OS-101010)

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