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ULTRAFLO Bulk Oil Service System


The ULTRAFLO B.O.S.S provides offline filtration and fluid transfer capability in a conveniently portable package. Used in your workshops with in-plant machinery or mobile equipment to achieve and maintain the ISO cleanliness standards of your fluids.


  • The dual filter head is fitted (as standard) with two 25um @B2000 spin-on filters for cold or heavier fluids. For lighter fluids, you have the option of two 7um @B2000 spin-on filters. Alternatively, a pair of water-absorbing filters can be used to remove moisture. This head is ported to run in parallel for high flow capacity and should always be fitted with two filters of the same rating.
  • The powerful 1.2kw motor is coupled to a 40lmp gear pump to provide smooth and efficient fluid transfer and filtration. Differential pressure gauges display when the filter requires replacing. New filters can be fitted in minutes as the B.O.S.S is mounted on gel-filled wheels for easy maneuvering. Using the optional brackets, it can be wall-mounted.

The ULTRAFLO B.O.S.S is designed for performance, convenience, and safety. Its features make it the best choice for protecting your machinery from wear and failure caused by contamination. Filters supplied with the unit: <25UM@BETA 2000 – Engine Oil & Gear Oil (2 required). Filters sold separately: <7UM@BETA 2000 – Transmission Oil & Hydraulic Oil (2 required) & Water absorbing media for ethanol-free fluids.



B.O.S.S. Pump – Gear Pump (not suited for fuel transfer) Flow – 40LPM @1450Rpm 240V 50Hz with 2M Cable (UF-P506037)
<25UM@BETA 2000 – Engine Oil & Gear Oil (2 required)  (UF-DBB8664)
<7UM@BETA 2000 – Transmission Oil & Hydraulic Oil (2 required) (UF-DBB8665)

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