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PIUSI 240V Oil Transfer Pump

SKU: FP-3*****

The PIUSI 240V Oil Transfer Pumps are Viscomat Vane Oil Filling Pumps perfect for applications where it is necessary to apply a transfer system with high suction capacity in order to transfer fluids with medium-high viscosity


PIUSI 240V Oil Transfer Pump uses AC Current to transfer oils and can provide a flow rate from 25LPM up to 50LPM.

High Performance Oil Transfer Pump

Because oil has a higher density than other liquids, it requires more strength during the transfer phase. As a result, the AC self-priming vane pump in the PIUSI 240V Oil Transfer Pump is capable of supporting and assuring a consistent flow rate and regularity in the flow dispensed with low viscosity, up to 500 CST with a flow rate of up to 50 LPM. With a pressure of up to 6 bar, the continuous operation of this oil filling pump ensures a strong suction capacity. The asynchronous AC motor, on the other hand, is self-ventilated, closed, and available in a variety of voltages and frequencies, including single-phase and three-phase, to accommodate any operating condition.

PIUSI 240V Oil Transfer Pump Features –

  • The Viscomat Electric Vane Pump is suitable for the transfer of engine, gear, diff & hydraulic oils
  • Flow Rate: from 25 to 50LPM
  • Pressure Rate: Up to 6Bar (85 PSI)
  • Continuous operation



70M 240V Oil Transfer Pump Only – 25LPM (FP-334900)
90M 240V Oil Transfer Pump Only – 50LPM (FP-303M00)

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