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ORION 1:1 Ratio Oil Pumps

SKU: O-227**

ORION 1:1 Ratio Oil Pump is one of the best Ratio Pumps available in the Australian Market. Built with corrosion-resistant materials, ORION 1:1 Ratio Oil Pumps can be used to transfer various different types of liquids such as oil, diesel, etc.

ORION 1:1 Ratio Oil Pumps Specifications:

  • Flow Rate: up to 40LPM
  • Fluid Inlet: 1″ BSP (f)
  • Fluid Outlet:3/4″ BSP (f)
  • Available in stub or drum lengths
  • Ideal for low viscosity transfer applications such as oil, waste oil, antifreeze & coolant



ORION 1:1 Ratio 205L Drum Pump (O-22705)
Orion 1:1 Ratio Stub Pump (O-22700)

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