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RAASM 65:1 Ratio High Pressure Grease Pump

SKU: RA-63095*

The RAASM 65:1 Ratio Grease Pump is a High Pressure Grease Pump that has the ability to dispense 1900 g/min. These pumps have been designed to dispense high and medium-viscosity grease.


  • Compression Ratio: 65:1
  • Flow Rate: 1.9 kg/min
  • Air Cylinder Diameter: 70mm
  • Air Consumption: 440 LPM (15.5 cfm) at 116psi
  • Air Inlet Connection: F 1/4” G
  • Fluid Outlet Connection: F 3/8” G
  • Suction Tube Length: 940mm
  • Suction Tube Diameter: 30mm
  • Industries:  Agriculture, Aeronautic, Railway, Manufacturing, and Mining



RAASM 65:1 Ratio High-Pressure Grease Pump 180Kg (RA-63095)

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High Pressure Grease Pump with 65:1 Pumping ratio
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