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FLOMAX Hydraulic Nozzle & Receiver


FLOMAX Hydraulic Nozzle & Receiver is one of the most used nozzle and receiver in industries due to their easy use case and all metal construction making them clog resistant.


  • Has easily recognizable labeling and is fully compatible and interchangeable with industry standard
  • Ergonomically engineered pullbacks and caps
  • 10 steel dog latching mechanism
  • Colour-coded mating connectors
  • All-metal construction with stainless steel wear components and bright coloured anodized aircraft grade aluminum
  • Nickel-plated stainless steel wear components



R-Series Hydraulic Nozzle w/ Plug (FX-R-HN-P)
R-Series Hydraulic Receiver w/ Cap (FX-R-HR-C)
Hydraulic Nozzle w/ Plug (FX-HN-P)
Hydraulic Reciever w/ Cap (FX-HR-C)

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