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FLOMAX Electronic Fuel Nozzle Holster

FLOMAX Electronic Fuel Nozzle Holster


The Flomax Electronic Fuel Nozzle Holster lockout fuel nozzle mount is compatible with all standard 1 1/2” fuel nozzles, providing a seamless interface. Its key function is to effectively prevent any damage to the fuel nozzle and equipment by ensuring proper stowage and secure attachment.

The Flomax Electronic Fuel Nozzle is

• Designed to fit ALL INDUSTRY STANDARD 1 1/2” Fuel Nozzles without any modifications required.
• Equipped with an Electronic Vehicle lockout feature to prevent any possibility of “drive away” incidents while the fuel nozzle is still attached to the vehicle.


  • Constructed with 100% Billet Aluminium for exceptional durability
  • Engineered to withstand even the most extreme conditions
  • Compatible with all 24 Volt sensor systems
  • Handle lock prevents fluid theft
  • Features an integral built-in drain for added convenience
  • Includes a removable Stainless Steel Wear Sleeve
  • Boasts a more compact design compared to its competitors

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