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FLUIDTRACK Fuel Management Systems

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FLUIDTRACK®: The Ultimate Fuel Management System – Robust, Easy to Use, and Quick Setup

FLUIDTRACK® Fuel Management System stands as the market’s foremost fuel management system, offering unparalleled robustness and user-friendliness. With its seamless setup and continuous functionality, even during power outages, it ensures every drop of fuel counts.

  • Click-In Click-Out Modular System
  • Proven reliability in extreme hot, cold, dusty, windy and salty environments
  • Online Reporting through Wi-Fi, 3G/4G and Ethernet
  • Records the past 20,000 fuel issues in memory

Real-Time Networked Communications
Keep your records impeccably up-to-date in real time. Even in cases of network communication disruptions, the Fluidtrack Gen 3 provides a USB access point on the front panel, ensuring unfaltering data access.

Enhanced Security Features
Take control of fuel access. Restrict driver access during specific times or according to predetermined volume limits, enhancing overall security.

Adaptable Electrical Design
Fluidtrack is designed to thrive in various settings, from generators to truck systems and environments plagued by electrical noise or unstable power sources.

Effortless Setup and Intuitive Usability
Fluidtrack simplifies setup with its user-friendly menu-based configuration, eliminating the need for cumbersome codes and numerical inputs.

Rugged Exterior for Unwavering Performance
Fluidtrack ensures continuous operation in all conditions. With an IP66 enclosure rating and a temperature range tested from -25°C to +55°C, it’s impervious to dust, insects, and moisture.

Effortless Click-On & Click-Off Unit
The clearly marked unit fits seamlessly in its designated spot, facilitating hassle-free servicing without requiring the expertise of technicians or electricians.

Smart Access Options
Access your essential data on your terms with Fluidtrack®. Options include Fluidtrack® cards, PINs, iButton keys, and VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) access.

Optional Heavy-Duty Pedestal
Opt for the Heavy-Duty Pedestal to effortlessly mount your Fluidtrack® unit on-site, ensuring optimum functionality.


  • Data is recorded instantly via the free online website
  • Controls up to 4 fuel/oil pumps
  • Models NZ & Gilbarco protocols can control up to 8 fuel/oil pumps
  • Records the last 50,000 fuel issues in memory
  • Can also store up to 50,000 assets (information about drivers/vehicles)
  • Large use to read, colour LCD display
  • Configure and continuously monitor via the website
  • Modular design allows for quick installation and repair
  • Suits most fuel bowsers and bulk-flow meters



Fluidtrack® 240V 3 Pump System c/w 20 FOB Keys (SMF3H)
Fluidtrack® 240V 4 Pump System c/w 20 FOB Keys (SMF4H)
Fluidtrack® 240V Dual Pump System c/w 20 FOB Keys (SMFDH)
Fluidtrack® 240V Single Pump System c/w 20 FOB Keys (SMFSH)
Fluidtrack® NZ Protocol 240V c/w 20 FOB Keys (SMFNZP)
Fluidtrack® Gilbarco Protocol 240V c/w 20 FOB Keys (SMFGP)


Magnetic swipe card reader (factory fitted) (SMF-SFA3200)
Use your existing fuel cards as user ID’s. Our magnetic card readers are dust and waterproof, simply swipe your card to access the fuel.

NFC (Proximity) Card (SMF-P2820)
Easy user or vehicle identification is provided with long lasting Near Field Communication proximity cards.

NFC (Proximity) Fob (SMF-P2810)
Easy user or vehicle identification is provided with  key fobs,

Reader wand (SMF-A1021 SF2 1800) & Vehicle mount iButtons (SMF-P1032-S/S)
Staff keep losing keys? Eliminate the troubles with the reader wand. Attached the to Fluidtrack® unit and the touch key mounted to the vehicle, the Reader Wand allows the driver to simply touch the want to the touch key and access the fuel.


FLUIDTRACK Next Generation Fuel Management System
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