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FMT 24V Mobifixx Diesel Fuel Pumps

SKU: FT-2301*824

The FMT Mobifixx Diesel Fuel Pump is a premium duty Self-Priming Vane Pump complete with a bypass valve. These standard diesel fuel pumps have the ability to provide flow rates of up to 35LPM.


  • Premium duty self-priming vane pump with bypass valve
  • Unique siphon protection system
  • Inlet: 3/4″ BSP(f)
  • Outlet: 1″ BSP(m)
  • Flow Rate: up to 35LPM
  • Continuous duty cycle
  • 3 year warranty on motor, 2 year warranty on the pump body
  • Kit includes: 1.6M suction hose, 4M delivery hose, battery cable, foot valve with filter & manual nozzle


FMT 24V Refuelling Pump Kit – 35 LPM (FT-23015824)
FMT 24V Refuelling Pump Kit with Auto Nozzle – 35LPM (FT-23015824-A)
FMT 24V Refuelling Pump Only – 35LPM (FT-23012824)

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