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ULTRAFLO Cabinet Diesel Bowsers


The ULTRAFLO Cabinet Diesel Bowser is your total refuelling solution in a box. This Cabinet Diesel Bowser comes with a built-in nozzle holster along with an automatic Pump stop in order to provide a convenient and easy refuelling solution. The Cabinet Diesel Bowser also comes with a 240 V self-priming Vane Pump with flow rates of up to 100LPM. The Delivery hose of the bowser has dimensions of 4Mx1″ID. The Cabinet Diesel Bowser also comes with a 4-digit flow meter. The ULTRAFLO Diesel Bowser can also be mounted to a wall if required.

ULTRAFLO Cabinet Diesel Bowser Features –

  • Your total refueling solution in a box
  • Built-in nozzle holster with automatic pump stop
  •  240V Self Priming Vane Pump
  • Flow rate: up to 100 LPM
  • Includes 4M x 1″ ID Delivery Hose, Automatic Nozzle & 4 Digit Flow Meter
  • Wall mount standard
  • Pedestal available



ULTRAFLO 100 240V Bowser without Pedestal – 100LPM (E-AF3000)
ULTRAFLO Cabinet Diesel Bowsers: ULTRAFLO Bowser Pedestal  (E-AF100000L)

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