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PIUSI Mobile Refilling Unit

SKU: FP-100***

The PIUSI Mobile Refilling Unit is an AdBlue® mobile dispenser. AdBlue® transfer is totally automated with the PIUSI Mobile Refilling Unit. The AdBlue® dispensing device is ideal for workshops since it is portable and allows AdBlue® to be safely administered into vehicle tanks.

Modern vehicle service facilities demand equipment that is quick, dependable, and clean. PIUSI Mobile Refilling Unit is designed for operators that want practical, simple, and dependable equipment to keep up with the quick pace of their jobs. This is why the PIUSI Mobile Refilling Unit is made out of a strong trolley on which the drum is mounted: all it takes is a single push of the activation button to fill the automobile with AdBlue®


  • Specially designed for refilling AdBlue systems on diesel cars
  • Automatic flow rate function adjusts the flow rate according to the vehicle’s tank
  • Preset allows the user to pre-define the total amount of AdBlue in the vehicle’s tank
  • Comes with a universal AF2 connector to fit all car models
  • The filling process is automatic
  • Available in AC DC
  • Flow Rate: 2-15LPM
  • Hose Length: 2m



PIUSI Delphin Pro X 230v AC Mobile Refilling Unit (FP-100040)

PIUSI Delphin Pro X 230v DC Mobile Refilling Unit (FP-100410)

Mobile Fuel and oil Refilling Unit
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