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ZVA Automatic AdBlue Magnetic Nozzle


A-FLO’s ZVA Automatic AdBlue ™ Magnetic Nozzle is one of the safest AdBlue Nozzles in the Australian Market! These Automatic Magnetic Nozzles are designed for use in conjunction with the ELAFIX 40 adaptor in order to prevent the costly miss-filling of AdBlue into the diesel tank.Despite AdBlue being beneficial to the environment and vehicles, miss-filling AdBlue into tanks is a common reoccurrence.

 ZVA AdBlue™ Dispensing Magnetic Nozzle Features:

AdBlue™ is not compatible with many materials and miss-filling can corrode the pipework and components of a fuel system, resulting in costly damage to the vehicle and its parts. The ZVA Automatic AdBlue ™ Magnetic Nozzle prevents this by only allowing fluid to pass once it has been magnetically opened by the ELAFIX AdBlue magnetic adaptor fitted within the vehicle filler neck. Therefore, by using this AdBlue nozzle you cannot physically dispense into the wrong tank, as the diesel fill point will not contain a magnet. This is one of the biggest advantages of Magnetic Nozzles over Non-Magnetic Nozzles. The ZVA Automatic AdBlue ™ Magnetic Nozzle has been approved for use in heavy use, and resale environments, such as those seen at the forecourt and service station.

Please Note – Only for use with AdBlue pumps – not suitable for gravity-fed installations.

  • Automatic AdBlue™ Nozzle
  • Magnetic spout to prevent miss-filling
  • Maximum flow rate: 40 LPM
  • Suitable for urea and water
  • Supplied with ¾” Hose Barb Swivel
  • Approved for use in resale systems
  • Must be used with ELAFIX 40 adaptor



Genuine ZVA Auto Shut-off Nozzle with Magnet (EF-102-ZVA3M-ADBLUE)

ZVA Automatic AdBlue Magnetic Nozzle With AdBlue Adaptor
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