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OILTRACK Wireless Oil Monitoring System

OILTRACK Wireless Oil Monitoring System

The OILTRACK Wireless Oil Monitoring System enables workshops, large or small to record every drop. It is the ultimate solution for your workshop to record, track and measure your usage.

With an abundance of features and benefits, The OILTRACK System's return on investment is staggering.

OILTRACK Wireless Oil Monitoring System Features and benefits:

  • Up to 250 dispense points
  • Up to 16 oil types
  • Record every drop
  • Optional integrated ticket printer
  • Up to 250 users
  • Up to 90 meter radio frequency
  • Prevent oil from disappearing without being allocated to a job, reduces labour required with a manual charge system.
  • Connection to DMS compatible
  • No changes required to existing systems or pipework
  • No possible cable error
  • Easy to install or retrofit
  • Ideal for mobile trolley applications
  • Extremely versatile & user friendly
  • Significantly reduces labour associated with a manual system which also causes an interruption for the technician & a loss of focus on the actual job

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