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ULTRAFLO 2″ High Capacity Flow Meters

ULTRAFLO 2″ High Capacity Flow Meters

ULTRAFLO's extensive range of Oil and Fuel Flow Meters are a family of positive displacement dual gear high capacity flow meters incorporating patented innovations and are each individually packed with features that make ULTRAFLO the most sought after fuel flow meters in the marketplace. Constructed with a robust aluminium body enables the ULTRAFLO meter to enter a widespread of applications to monitor and control liquid flow. Relatively compact and lightweight in construction, The ULTRAFLO High Capacity Flow Meters provide great benefits when used in mobile installations or within confined spaces.

ULTRAFLO High Capacity Flow Meters Features -

  • Designed and manufactured to meet the demands of the Australian market conditions
  • All metal rotors
  • IP67 Mechanical Display
  • Common sizes readily available off the shelf
  • Meter options include: integral LCD totaliser, flow rate totaliser, batch controllers & remote mount registers
  • IP67 mechanical displays are suitable in high pressure wash down applications
  • High accuracy, repeatability & direct reading flow meter
  • Guaranteed: 2yr warranty
  • Intrinsically safe for use in hazardous areas

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