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ULTRAFLO E900 Environmentally Safe Oil Change System

ULTRAFLO E900 Environmentally Safe Oil Change System

Changing the way fleets change fluids. The Ultraflo E900 is a revolutionary Oil change system that reduces your labour time and costs dramatically. Don't waste valuable time changing your oil the conventional way. With Ultraflo's new quick change technology, an oil change with the E900 can be completed in less than 10mins. This would save you approximately 20mins on every oil change performed. The revolutionary new closed loop technology uses air to purge used oil from the vehicles, filter and passages while the engine is being evacuated, and replaced it with clean oil; Automatically using minimal time or labour.

Speed and productivity aren't the only features -

  • Oil Change in under 10mins reduce labour time and labour costs!
  • less downtime, more road time!
  • Quick connect no spill drain fittings, less mess, "Zero Spill!"
  • User Friendly, minimal technician involvement
  • Automatic process, eliminates operators contact with oil, allows technicians to perform other tasks!
  • Automatic Oil sampling, no oil sample contamination!
  • Pre-lubed engine, less wear on the engine!
  • Instant Oil pressure, upon restart, eliminates bearing burn to improve engine life, engine gets a hot start!

Full technical and applications brochure available on request!

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