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RAASM 3:1 205L Workshop Oil Distribution Kits

RAASM 3:1 205L Workshop Oil Distribution Kits

We have oil distribution kits to increase your workshop efficiency and effectiveness.

These kits are ideal for small to medium size workshops looking to upgrade from hand pumps but also covers larger workshops that have additional 205L oil drums that need catering. They are exceptional value for money!

Along with the kits we have a number of options: drum trolleys, drum dollies, hose reels etc.

Don’t feel restricted, we can also custom-build to suit your specific requirements for your transfer application.

Kits include:

  • RAASM 3:1 Ratio Drum Pump
  • 4M Hose Kit & Oil Control Gun
  • Manual or Metered Oil Control Gun
  • 1/4" Regulator
  • 10 Year Warranty

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