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RAASM 3:1 Ratio High Flow Oil Pump

RAASM 3:1 Ratio High Flow Oil Pump

The RAASM 3:1 ratio High Flow Oil Pump is designed to pump industrial and chemical fluids such as new oil, antifreeze, and other similar substances. These High Flow Oil Pumps are intended to transport fluids at a high flow rate of roughly 95 litres per minute. At such high rates, maintaining a steady flow rate is difficult, but the Raasm 3:1 High Flow Oil Pump guarantees that fluids are distributed consistently and continuously. The Raasm 3:1 pump is made of high-quality carbon steel components that provide long-term performance in even the harshest conditions.

RAASM 3:1 Ratio High Flow Oil Pump features - 

  • The RAASM 900 & 1200 Series industrial range of pumps guarantee excellent performance, and operating pressure and are the perfect choice for long-distance distribution for the transfer of oils and lubricants.
  • Also available with Viton seals which can be used for the transfer of industrial and chemical fluids.

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