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RAASM 2:1 Ratio High Flow Oil Pump

RAASM 2:1 Ratio High Flow Oil Pump

The RAASM 2:1 ratio High Flow Oil Pump is suitable for industrial and chemical fluids such as fresh oil, anti-freeze, etc. These High Flow Oil Pumps are designed for the transfer of fluid at a very High Flow rate of approximately 95 l/min. It is hard to maintain a constant flow rate at such high speeds but the Raasm 2:1 High Flow Oil Pump ensures that there is a constant and continuous distribution of fluids. The Raasm 2:1 pump is built with high-quality carbon steel components that ensure long-lasting and reliable operations in the most extreme environments.

RAASM 2:1 Ratio High Flow Oil Pump Features -

  • The RAASM 900 & 1200 Series industrial range of pumps guarantee excellent performance, and operating pressure and are the perfect choice for long-distance distribution for the transfer of oils and lubricants.
  • Also available with Viton seals which can be used for the transfer of industrial and chemical fluids.

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