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RAASM 18:1 Ratio High Flow Oil Pumps

RAASM 18:1 Ratio High Flow Oil Pumps

The RAASM 18:1 Ratio Pump is part of the RAASM 1200 series of industrial pneumatic piston pumps primarily used for the distribution and transfer of oils, greases and similar fluids. These Ratio Pumps are also designed for the transfer of high viscosity fluids. They are one of the best pumps in the market and ensure constant and continuous distribution. The RAASM 11:1 Ratio Pump is built with high-quality components and has a compact structure that ensures long-lasting and reliable operation even in the most extreme environments.

RAASM 18:1 Ratio High Flow Oil Pumps Features -

  • The RAASM 1200 Series Double-acting Oil Transfer Pump is the ideal solution for dispensing lubricants in large installations including multiple dispensing points where simultaneous operation is required
  • Flow Rate: up to 23L/Min
  • Available in stub or drum lengths

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