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ORION 5:1 Ratio Oil Pumps

ORION 5:1 Ratio Oil Pumps

The Orion 5:1 Ratio Pump is one of the best Ratio Pumps available in the Australian Market. Built with corrosion-resistant materials, the Orion 5:1 Ratio Pump can be used to transfer various different types of liquids such as oil, diesel, etc. Please Note: The pump contains zinc and aluminium materials, which can react with some solvents and create explosive gases.

How does an Air Operated Pump work?
An Air-operated Pump has 2 main parts - A double-acting air motor and a double-acting liquid pump. The double-acting air motor drives a double-acting liquid pump. The liquid is sucked into the pump tube through the bottom valve when the piston is on the upward stroke and is discharged in both up and down strokes.
What does 5:1 ratio mean?
The amount of air coming into the pump (input pressure) is one fifth the amount of liquid leaving the pump (output pressure). For example, if the pump has 50 PSI of air going in then, there will be 250 PSI of pressure pushing the fluid out.

ORION 5:1 Ratio Oil Pumps Features -

  • The ORION Pump is designed to tackle many applications requiring continuous operation, this pump is sure to outperform and outlast the competition
  • For larger size systems, car, truck workshops, lube trucks or skids
  • Available in stub or drum lengths

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