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Mobile Oil Drainer & Extractor

Mobile Oil Drainer & Extractor

The RAASM Oil Drainer and Extractor for vehicles is one of the most sought after oil drainers in the market. These are gravity drainers with pantographs and on a pit built for draining oils from cars and other medium-sized vehicles. These easy to use oil draining and extracting devices come with a 100-litre tank as well as an inspection bowl that has a capacity of 8 litres. They can be easily carried around the workshop as well due to a 4 wheel mount at the bottom.

Mobile Oil Drainer & Extractor Features -

  • Drains and extracts waste oil from cars & light commercial vehicles
  • Holding tank of 100L
  • Fixed tray for tools, washers, oil plugs etc.
  • Clear viewing of inspection bowl capacity of 8L

Our Mobile Oil Drainer & Extractor come in 2 different models

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