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ULTRAFLO Inline Electronic Meters

ULTRAFLO Inline Electronic Meters

The ULTRAFLO Inline Electric Meters are high-quality meters designed to measure substances such as water, diesel, chemicals as well as high viscosity fluids such as oils. Our inline electric meters boast an aluminium frame that makes them corrosion resistant to different lubricants. This is very vital for measuring devices such as this one. The meter has an easy to read and easy to reset LCD Display and can display units in different measurements such as litres, gallons, pints and quarts.

ULTRAFLO Inline Electronic Meters Features -

  • Robust aluminium construction
  • Select display units: litres, gallons, pints or quarts
  • Easy to read and re-settable LCD Display
  • 2yr average battery life (battery type: 2 x AAA alkaline)
  • Flow Rates: up to 100L/Min
  • Max. Pressure: 1500 PSI
  • Accuracy:± 0.5% of reading

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