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4 Way Evacuation Valve

4 Way Evacuation Valve

A-FLO Equipment's 4-way Evacuation Valve can be used for both, extraction and discharge of fluids minimizing the use of multiple valves for such operations. These Evacuation valves for tanks can be used for different fluids such as Fresh Oils, Anti-freeze, waste oils, etc. These valves offer easy installation and operation.

4 Way Evacuation Valve Features - 

  • 4-Directional Control Valve used to simplify the filling and emptying of tanks
  • Simplifies installation by eliminating the need for multiple valves
  • Unrestricted flow, no pressure or volume loss
  • Two-position tank fill and emptying control
  • Provide a professional look, reduce pipework & installation time

Our 4-way Evacuation Valve for Tanks is available in 2 models - 1'' & 1 1/2''

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