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LUBESTORE Lubricant Container Modules

AFLO has developed a complete range of modular design lube stores with unique features taking into consideration the need for portable lube workshops. Features & Benefits: Relocatable to allow for changing circumstances, lube store delivered completely fitted out ready to use, load oil IBC’s, connect hosing & air and you’re ready to go! Significant reduction in cost vs fixed installations, fully customised to suit your exact requirements, fully self-contained lubricant dispensing station

LUBESTORE Lubricant Container Modules

LUBESTORE Lubricant Container Modules

LUBESTORE showcases the latest design in the new world of safety, efficiency, portability and compliance in clean machinery maintenance. It has been fabricated to service the mining, construction, defence and earth moving industries and developed for equipment longevity. LUBESTORE guarantees clean, compliant, safe and efficient storage and dispensing of oils and other lubrications in the maintenance of machinery.

LUBESTORE is built for high-levels of productivity; delivering improved machinery performance through optimising operating costs and protecting asset investment. The state of the art design addresses inefficiencies and unsafe workplace practices in equipment maintenance.

The compact and intelligent design enables the lubrication systems to be moved and erected on any site at any time. Fitted with both lifting and lashing points as well as ISO container blocks on the bottom, makes relocation fast and simple.

Flexibility is a mandatory requirement of any large site with machinery maintenance across all departments of the operations. LUBESTORE provides users the ability to lift, move and erect this self-sufficient maintenance system with limited preparation.

Features & Benefits:

  • Relocatable
  • Safe and secure
  • Compliant to AS1940-2004 & EPA requirements
  • Remote site shut down and machinery system support
  • Fully relocatable
  • Manufactured for durability and a long operating life

For a more thorough discussion on how we can customise to suit your needs, call us on 1300 235 623.

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LUBESTORE Lubricant Container Modules

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April 2022 - June 2022

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