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EZI-Action Drum Pumps

EZI-Action Drum Pumps

EZI-ACTION Drum Pump for sale in Australia

Proven locally & demanded globally – EZI-Action is the leader in chemical-resistant hand pumps for every industry. Since 1991, they have developed highly effective, lasting solutions to industrial problems.

Now, A-FLO is a trusted supplier of EZI-Action products, helping bring the unparalleled success into Australian industries. With an easy to use pumping mechanism, dispensing water and eliminating wastage is hassle-free and ergonomic.

An industry-leading drum pump

The pump presents superior quality, durability and features that surpass anything on the market today. Investing in this solution is a sound choice that will last for decades to come. Constructed from top-quality materials, the mechanical design is economical and streamlined, making for a swift manual transfer of fluids.

It connects with drums, totes, pails, IBCs– as well as to boats – to provide you a solution for every situation.

A wide range of applications

Being used in a wide range of industries across the globe: industrial, agricultural, food & beverage, janitorial, mechanics, truck drivers, garages, mining, cleaning and many more.

The product is able to handle liquid foodstuffs, harsh chemicals, salt water and excrement, without damage to its surface or interior parts.

It boasts a wide range of features that make it the easiest to use and safest hand pump in the world:

  • Output per stroke is 160ml (60oz)
  • Superior chemical resistance and anti-corrosion technology
  • The only serviceable hand pump in the world, which acts to extend its lifespan

Safety features

We ensure each product we stock is made with the highest attention to your safety. Compliant with strict Australian standards, each is ergonomic in its design and approved by the FDA.

A safety strap locks it when not in use, securing contents against accidental damage.

Safety strap available in 6 colours: red (EZ-X0091), yellow (EZ-X0100), green (EX-X0080), blue (EZ-0067), white (EZ-X0353), purple (EZ-Z0108).

Contact us for more information

For further information about the drum pump and its applications, contact the A-FLO customer service team. You will experience friendly and warm relations and your question will be answered promptly.

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