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ULTRAFLO Heavy Duty Rotary Drum Pumps

ULTRAFLO Heavy Duty Rotary Drum Pumps

A-FLO Equipment's Heavy Duty Drum Pump is a high-quality low cost drum Pump built using a solid aluminium construction. These Drum Pumps are suitable for various oils and lubricants including petrol, Diesel and different types of motor oils. The ULTRAFLO Heavy Duty Drum Pump comes with a 3 piece suction pipe and a 2'' bung adapter. Additionally, you can also order a heavy-duty rotary barrel Pump complete with a hose and a nozzle.

ULTRAFLO Heavy Duty Rotary Drum Pump Features -

  • Solid aluminium construction
  • 3 piece steel suction pipe & 2" bung adapter
  • Suitable for petrol, diesel & motor oils

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