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ULTRAFLO A-Coupler & A-Valve

ULTRAFLO A-Coupler & A-Valve

We’re not just making greasing easier, we’re revolutionizing the way you grease!


  • Quick connect & disconnect – in one simple click  your coupler locks onto your grease nipple
  • Clean – no more wasted grease thanks to the exclusive ball lock system
  • Strong – you pay for what you get, precision machined parts to make these the most durable coupler available
  • Compact – not much bigger than a standard coupler making it very easy to get to those difficult to access grease nipples


Since the use of grease guns, no doubt all of us have noticed some couplers, once under pressure were some what difficult to remove. We have solved the problem.

  • Reduces risk of injury
  • Suitable up to 10,000PSI
  • Universal fit for all grease guns
  • Eliminates risk of breaking grease nipples

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