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LevelTrack Starpin

LevelTrack Starpin

The LEVELTRACK STARPIN packs a huge punch with a small footprint. Utilising the extremely efficient CatM1 mobile network, the LEVELTRACK STARPIN transmits valuable tank-level data directly to the LEVELTRACK mobile secure cloud. This monitoring solution is compact enough to fit in the palm of your hand.

Easy Deployment and Maintenance

The LEVELTRACK STARPIN is unlike any other monitor in its class. Using highly efficient solar augmented super capacitor system, the LEVELTRACK STARPIN is able to send out data anywhere the sun shines.
The custom IP67-rated enclosure eliminates any concern regarding water or other weather intrusions, the small design allows the monitor to safely secure to any type of tank.


• Diesel tanks and generators
• AdBlue tanks
• Oil tanks
• Coolant tanks
• Waste Oil tanks
• ULP/ Petrol tanks

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