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LevelTrack FM100

LevelTrack FM100

The LEVELTRACK FM100 is equipped with an M1-LTE/NB-IoT module and optional satellite fall-back, the FM100 is the most unique and powerful remote monitor on the market. Paired with the LEVEVLTRACK app the cloud portal, you can access tank levels directly from any smart device and enjoy easily configured email and text notifications for level changes and fill events.

Easy Deployment and Maintenance

The LEVELTRACK FM100 is designed for simple installation on a single tank. The IP67 enclosure eliminates any concern regarding water or other weather intrusions, and the built-in LCD allows for easy operation and local control. It's small size and neodymium magnets allow the device to be mounted securely anywhere on the tank.


• Diesel tanks
• AdBlue tanks
• Oil tanks
• Coolant tanks
• Waste Oil tanks
• ULP/ Petrol tanks

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