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FLUIDTRACK Dual Hose Dispensers

FLUIDTRACK Dual Hose Dispensers

The Fluidtrack Dispensers are the first all-in-one solution for fuel management dispensers. Incorporating our Fluidtrack Fuel Management System inside a heavy-duty, compact, robust, and waterproof cabinet.

FLUIDTRACK Dispenser Features - 

  • The Fluidtrack Fuel Management Dispenser is easy to retrofit to existing tanks where you already have have a pump but are in need for a fuel management system
  • Online Web Access log in remotely and view live reports and activity
  • Easy to use software
  • Fluidtrack FMS includes 20 Fob Keys
  • Web Based Portal Access-No Ongoing Fees for Standard Reporting
  • Customer to Provide SIM Card
  • Optional Integrated Automatic Tank Gauging
  • Optional Custom Reporting Available
  • Manufactured in Australia

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