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Bsmart Self Service 240V AdBlue Management System

Bsmart Self Service 240V AdBlue Management System

The Self Service BSMART Self Service AdBlue Management System is a standalone dispensing equipment that provides authorised users with rapid and precise dosing from an AdBlue storage tank, as well as fluid monitoring capabilities. This fluid management system, like the MCBox Fuel Management. System, is a durable, all-in-one unit with an integrated AdBlue transfer pump, nozzle, pulse metre, and 70 micron particle filter, as well as the BSMART software from industry-leading manufacturer Piusi.

Bsmart Self Service 240V AdBlue Management System features -

  • Complete AdBlue™ dispenser
  • Data such as the driver, date, vehicle, and quantity are recorded
  • When filling up, you'll be able to keep track of your vehicle's mileage
  • Ability to pre-set dispensing volume or set to fill
  • Real-time monitoring via an online site
  • There are no continuing hosting expenses
  • Single gateway with 10 or 20 driver app licences for numerous pumps on several sites (more on request)
  • Reports may be exported as.pdf or.xlsx files.
  • 240v

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